All About AI Translations

All About AI Translations

We've been in the localization business for a while and we've seen a lot of different approaches. We've seen translators, we've seen machine translation, and we've seen crowdsourced translations. But we've never seen anything quite like AI translations.

AI translation is fast, cheap and good. Recently, if you wanted high quality translations, you needed to pay a lot of money. But now, with the power of GPT-3, you can get great translations for a fraction of the cost.

We use the latest GPT model by OpenAI to power You've probably seen some headlines about it, or played with ChatGPT yourself. It's a powerful language model that can generate text in a variety of different languages. It's trained on a huge dataset of text from the internet, so it's able to generate text that sounds natural and is grammatically correct.

And the quality is close to what a professional human translator would generate.

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