Managing your translations

Customizing the language picker

Language Picker Setup offers multiple options for setting up the language picker on your website. By default, a floating language picker is added automatically. However, if you want to customize the language picker or place it in a specific location on your site, follow the instructions below.

Option 1: Floating Language Picker (Default)

No action is required for this option. A floating language picker will be added to the bottom right corner of your site by default.

Default picker

Option 2: Custom Location

To place the language picker in a custom location on your site, add the following HTML code where you want the picker to appear:

<div id="language-picker"></div>

Custom location

Option 3: Unstyled Picker with Inline Styles or CSS Classes

Create an unstyled language picker and apply custom styles using inline styles or CSS classes. Add the following HTML code to your site, and then apply your preferred styling:

<div id="language-picker" style="your-inline-styles"></div>


<div id="language-picker" class="your-css-class"></div>

Unstyled picker

Option 4: Custom Picker with translatePage() Function

For advanced customization, you can use the translatePage() function to create a unique language picker design. This function accepts the language code as an argument and translates the page accordingly. Here's an example of how you can use the translatePage() function with custom HTML elements:

<button onclick="translatePage('en')">English</button>
<button onclick="translatePage('es')">Español</button>
<button onclick="translatePage('fr')">Français</button>

Custom picker

Note, you will need to turn the language picker off in the dashboard if you use this option.

Remember to test the functionality of your custom language picker after implementing these options to ensure it works as intended.

This documentation page provides a clear overview of the available language picker setup options, along with examples and descriptions of images or screenshots for better understanding.

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